Fulfilling The Wish For A Stand Up Fishing Kayak

Fishing standing up in a kayak, a notoriously unstable contraption, has often been disregarded as an impractical idea, and thus does not elicit much serious attention in the fishing kayak community. Fishing kayak manufacturers, understanding that they can’t effectively offer this as an option with their traditional designs, deemphasize the idea as ‘unnecessary’ and fallaciously claim it conflicted with the idea of ‘classic kayak fishing’.

However, in view of an expanding demand for stable fishing kayaks, fishing kayak manufacturers realized that they somehow needed to think up some kind of response. They began selling increasingly wide sit-on-top (SOT) fishing kayaks that became increasingly cumbersome and difficult to paddle, a very impractical approach. Nevertheless, these ludicrous designs were promoted as being stable enough to allow stand up kayak fishing.

Some anglers fell for this hype, but they soon came to the realization that although the new, ridiculously wide, fishing kayaks were indeed more stable to an extent, they still weren’t nearly stable enough to allow for fishing while standing up. This had to do with the dual lack of initial stability and secondary stability, as well as the deficiency of such kayaks in offering a ‘Plan B’ solution for dealing with situations in which the angler has already been destabilized, as often occurs, and they are facing the undesirable and potentially dangerous possibility of falling overboard with their fishing gear and tackle in tow.

To try and remedy the probelm, some manufacturers began offering solutions that involved the utilization of kayak outriggers. Those may have moderately improved initial stability, but they still failed to solve the problem of “what if?” – that is what should the angler do if they suddenly lose balance in their kayak, and are forced to fall overboard – an event sarcastically referred to as ‘going swimming’.

Insofar, Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks are the only fishing kayaks that provide satisfactory initial and secondary stability, as well as a solution in case the standing kayak angler loses their stability. This effective stand-up stability is achieved through a combination of optimal ergonomic design that maximizes kayak stability as well as the incorporation of a saddle that the angler can fall on if necessary, and regain balance instantly.

With the advent of this solution, anglers finally have a fishing kayak from which they can fish standing up comfortably, easily, and with the peace of mind that they are safe in case anything goes wrong. The Wavewalk Kayak has made stand-up fishing not only much more practically and easy to do, but also an enjoyable activity that can be done by even an amateur angler.

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