New Distributor Of Fishing Kayaks In Florida

Jo Mares builds specialty motor boats, such as yachts and speed boats.
But that’s not Jo’s only trade, as he is also very fond of kayak fishing, and has been doing it in the ocean and mangroves around southern Florida and its island chains.
Jo got his first W Kayak back in 2006. It was an early version of the now discontinued W300 series, and fishing from it made me realize this new type of small watercraft is revolutionary. In other words, you can’t do any better, as far as kayak fishing goes. Then came the W500 series, and proved it was possible after all, but that’s another story… Simply, it’s the world’s finest fishing kayak by far, and the only one worth fishing from, if you ask Jo; Which is why he became Wavewalk fishing Kayaks’ local dealer here, in Key West.
At Key West Fishing Kayaks they keep W500 fishing kayaks in stock, and clients are welcome to schedule an appointment to come over and see the kayaks, and take one for a test ride.
Jo would be happy to help with advice on rigging your W kayak and fishing from it.

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