An Alternative to Extreme Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing has gained a reputation for being an extreme sport because of the unnecessary danger and uncomfortableness that has become inseparably attached to it. This prevalent idea is based in conventional wisdom, and unfortunately it is accurate for most fishing kayaks on the market.
But there’s another type of kayak fishing, which is perfectly sensible, and not a bit extreme in any sense: Anglers who practice this sensible version of kayak fishing fish out of W kayaks, and they experience neither instability nor wetness, or any other discomfort or inconvenience that are associated with the extreme, yet more common version of kayak fishing, involving fishing out of sit-in, sit-on-top (SOT) and hybrid kayaks.
This is a statistical, aberration of course, since typically, in most sports, the extreme version is practiced by the few, and the mild version is practiced by the majority.
The reason leading to this distorted situation is that Wavewalk is the only company who makes such patented W kayaks, and this company is still small, and has to introduce its superior product into a saturated market dominated by bigger companies that have established broad distribution channels and strong brand recognition.
But this unusual situation is temporary, and once Wavewalk puts in place more dealers, the kayak fishing market will gradually evolve to become one that features normal characteristics, in the sense that the extreme is no longer the norm. This would open kayak fishing to many more anglers, who may be attracted by the idea of fishing out of a small, lightweight and nimble watercraft, but won’t put up with the low performance level offered by fishing kayaks other than W kayaks.

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