Kayak Rudders: an Unnecessary detriment

Rudders are a commonplace accessory in traditional kayaks, because many of these kayaks suffer from poor tracking due to their excessive width, posing a serious problem for you, the one sitting there and trying desperately to direct your kayak in the direction you want to go.

This substantial increase in width is the kayak manufacturers’ response to the pressing demand for increased stability, an age-old problem for traditional kayaks.

Did you know that a rudder decreases your kayak’s speed by 10% in average?

Find more about why you should avoid getting a fishing kayak that features a rudder, and how you can get a fishing kayak that tracks better than any other fishing kayak, is stabler than any other fishing kayak, and yet no one ever outfitted it with a rudder because there’s no need for it.
We’re talking here about the W fishing kayak, which is not even wide – just 28.5″.

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