New Kayak Fishing Club in Nature Coast, Florida

If you live in western Florida, you must have heard of the great fisheries in Citrus County.
Many of these fisheries are suitable for kayak fishing, and this includes the Nature Coast area.
You may want to join the new Nature Coast Kayak Fishers club, or just go and fish with its members.
No formalities, no membership, and you’re welcome to fish out of other small boats too!
Nature Coast Kayak Fishers club »

Large Catch Made In A Florida Kayak Fishing Trip

“Bob Smaldone caught the fish of the day (maybe the fish of the year) out of Ozello this morning. I’m glad I was close to snap a few pictures.
I mostly just spooked redfish”

Bob standing in his kayak and fishing

Bob showing the big snook he caught in his kayak

Big snook caught in a fishing kayak

Bob standing on shore next to fishing kayaks

Bob is one of many fly fishermen who fishes standing in a W fishing kayak >>

Floridian Fishing Kayak Trip

Gary’s kayak anglers group is growing. says Gary: –

“We all stay in touch on the water via VHF radio, and conclude our trips with lunch at a local restaurant on the water where we trade fish stories, which makes for fun days –
More Ozello trout and redfish, and a few needle fish today fishing with fellow Wavewalkers Bob Smaldone and Dick Sherman along with a couple of other non-W friends. I happened to snap a picture of Bob taking a picture of me holding up a redfish.”

group of kayak fishermen fishing in Ozello, FLBob, the fly fisherman is paddling standing in his W fishing kayak, and sight fishing

red fish in kayak, Ozello, FL

trout in fishing kayak, Ozello, FL

Own A Kayak Fishing Dealership After You Retire

For many longtime anglers retirement sounds like a golden chance to have as much free time as they want to follow their passion of fishing, boats, etc…
While this relaxed life appeases some retirees, for others it seems like their life is lacking some action – they want to do something extra that would add some more fun and excitement to their lives, and even bolster their income.
Here’s a few life long anglers who upon retirement opened their very own fishing kayak dealership:

Gene Andrews, High and Dry Kayaks – Florida

Fishing Kayaks, Northeastern Florida, Palm Coast

Gene Andrews, who retired several years ago, moved to Palm Coast, in Northeastern Florida, south of Jacksonville – the kayak fishing capital of the world, in order to pursue his passion of kayak fishing.

Due to the ubiquitous yak-back problem that afflicts many older anglers, Gene bought himself a W500, the only back pain free kayak out there. Gene fished from it contentedly and free of back pain, and eventually realized he could further his love of the Wavewalk Kayak by starting his own dealership where he could resell this fishing kayak locally.
Visit Gene’s website, High and Dry Kayaks, which sells W fishing kayaks in Palm Coast >>


New Distributor Of Fishing Kayaks In Florida

Jo Mares builds specialty motor boats, such as yachts and speed boats.
But that’s not Jo’s only trade, as he is also very fond of kayak fishing, and has been doing it in the ocean and mangroves around southern Florida and its island chains.
Jo got his first W Kayak back in 2006. It was an early version of the now discontinued W300 series, and fishing from it made me realize this new type of small watercraft is revolutionary. In other words, you can’t do any better, as far as kayak fishing goes. Then came the W500 series, and proved it was possible after all, but that’s another story… Simply, it’s the world’s finest fishing kayak by far, and the only one worth fishing from, if you ask Jo; Which is why he became Wavewalk fishing Kayaks’ local dealer here, in Key West.
At Key West Fishing Kayaks they keep W500 fishing kayaks in stock, and clients are welcome to schedule an appointment to come over and see the kayaks, and take one for a test ride.
Jo would be happy to help with advice on rigging your W kayak and fishing from it.